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High quality carpet cleaning at an affordable price 

Carpet Cleaning Services

MSQ provides high quality carpet cleaning at an affordable price. Regular carpet cleaning has numerous benefits including extending the life of the carpet, it eliminates dust, dirt and sand from the carpet. It can also reduce the affects of many health problems such as asthma and skin conditions. We also clean mattresses, rugs, car upholstery, lounge suites & offer fabric protection.

MS Queensland uses the highest quality cleaning materials to ensure the best result every time. A steam extraction system is enlisted to clean carpets, with powerful portable machines to extract the maximum amount of water from carpets and upholstery. Leaving the carpet and upholstery as dry as possible to allow for immediate use.

Special-Carpet Cleaning 5rooms for ONLY $99. (Conditions apply)

Carpet Cleaning 5 rooms plus pest control @$199 total package. (Conditions apply)

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